Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

My experiences of Soulmates and Twin-flames

In sev'nty sev'n I met a man at the local library
A single dad with two nice kids, our love was instant, see?
We'd known each other all our lives ... yet we had never met
And the nineteen years' wide age gap was irrelevant - no fret.

'Way back in ninety four, I lost my Jim, so dear
I loved him and I missed him ... shedding many a tear
We'd always read each other's minds, capped each other's tales
Provided such strong shelter through life's eternal gales.

Six years down the line, I had a few sharp shocks :
Spirit came into my life ... such amazing mental knocks
My life had changed again, you see ... with new man in my life
Ken and I, both widowed, both great loves in afterlife.

Ken's mother had dementia ... we kept her in her home
Three days each (shift-system), meant we spent that year alone
In one house an old lady, stone-deaf from childhood, small
While, home alone, with dog to guard, life was lonesome for us all.

I prayed to God for guidance "Please show me what to do
I'm sitting here, so lonely ... I need some help from you"
SUDDENLY, from the next room, I heard my mother's call
(But she'd been dead two years - had I just 'dropped the ball'?)

She called out, loud, (I kid you not) "Can anybody come
and keep our Patty company? ... she's feeling rather glum"
Suddenly, from nowhere, I heard a reassuring voice
"I'll come and keep her occupied ... it's my home and my choice"

And thus I met my teacher ... his Earthly name was Tom
Ken's father, an ex-miner, dead eighteen years, long-gone;
He led me down mysterious paths of world religions, wide
Tom turned that year into a truly fascinating ride.

I nevermore felt lonely, nor bored with naught to do
Inside my mind a whole wide world of interest ... it's true.
With fun and laughter, often, Tom taught me oh-so-much
And on my cheek I learned to feel Jim's feather-light touch.

I still loved Jim, my twin-flame heart ... but feared to hear his voice
Because, you see, I'd married Ken ... and so I made the choice
To never hear his much-loved tones (sure I'd be torn in two)
My duty lay these days with Ken, Jim's voice for me? Taboo.

And so he spoke inside my mind, in my own mental tone
While others talked into my ear through that long year 'alone'.
I learned about soul-clusters and how to recognise
So very many soulmates, both ignorant and wise.

Jim said that Ken's a soulmate ... we'd met for him to learn
So very many lessons ... I'd come to take my turn
At leading him and guiding and teaching him to share ...
To lose his prejudices and love all folk out there.

Last year, Ken packed his little bag and went off Home, to mum ...
Once more, I sit here, widowed, but no more am I glum
For I can hear them all, you see ... I no more walk alone
They chatter in my ear, on their spectral telephone.

They told me that a twin flame I'd meet again, quite soon
This news brought me to sorrow and filled me with much gloom
I didn't want another, thanks ... I'd walk alone from here
I heard Jim's gusty laughter ... "You've not much choice, my dear"

Then one day, on a facebook page, I read a cry for help
I answered her with letters ... befriended for to help
And when I saw her photograph, my heart it took a leap
For I recognised a soulmate whose love I'd ever keep.

So very soon I recognised that she's no mere soulmate
We'd met for me to help her ... the love we share is great
And, no, it's not romantic ... but deeper and so true
For she is me and I am her ... we're twin-flames, I tell you.

So many lives together ... with many more, I'm sure
She's part of Jim and part of me ... our love is strong and pure
An ocean lies between us ... so we might never meet
But the soul-pull is extremely strong, our friendship very sweet.

I walk into my future with Nicole by my side
Although the cold Atlantic ocean is so very wide
But as I look into her picture and see her smile at me
I realise she makes me so deeply, truly happy.

The deep-soul recognition is something strange to feel ...
One's emotions in confusion can be so very real
But now I know the why of it, I share it here with you,
My many faceless readers, in case someone needs an answer, true.


Jim was a poorly man when we met, with heart trouble ... nevertheless, we had 17 wonderful years with our three children, adding a fourth in our fourth year together. he always knew he would not live long, but was contented with his life and took joy from our love. When doing some 'housekeeping' in our elderly computer, I found this, Jim had written it for me when he knew that his time was extremely short ... I think it would bear sharing here, with you ...


Love is to know beyond all reason…
Love is to live with no thought of treason…
Love is to care for when all things seem lost:
Love is to fight for regardless of cost.

Love is to stand by when the outlook is bleak…
Love is to give strength to the one who is weak…
Love is to feel the other’s sorrows…
Love is to hope for the other’s tomorrows.

Love is to share the other’s hopes and fears…
Love is to be with through all the years…
Love is to miss through the shortest absence…
Love is to return to, regardless of distance.

Love is to hope past the ultimate breath…
Love is to stay though the end is … death;
Love is to soothe the tiniest cry…
Who is my love ? ... she knows … and so do I.

W.J. Carthew (Jim)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

A conversation, with a question answered ...

Part of a conversation with an Australian friend, via Facebook messages:

Pat, do you believe in previous lives?

My response ...

Yes ... 100% ... I DO believe in reincarnation
TOO TRUE, I believe. I have been here, over and over again ... I will be here over and over again in my 'future'.

You see, I imagine time on our planet as a big, flat, bedsheet ... spirit can look at it, laid out in front of them, and they can dip in and out as suits them.
There is a magazine ... Inner Whispers ... it takes a bit of getting used to, a few issues to understand ... You see, I am a 'channel' ... my body is a tool which I allow Spirit to use ... I have absolute trust in my contacts 'on the other side' and gladly allow them to use my hands, writing through them ... or my mouth, talking through it ... within minutes, after a channelling session, I have no memory whatsoever of what has transpired. Some time ago I found a magazine, on line. It is published by a lady and her husband called April and Alan Crawford ... she is a direct channel, like me, although far stronger and more experienced than I am. She channels various Spirit (or beings, or whatever you want to call them) the main one answers to the name of Vanessa ... just because WE mere humans NEED a title (or a label, if you want to call it such) in order to identify something.
'Vanessa' talks about life 'in the linear' ... meaning a straight line. Life here, on Earth, we see as a straight line, like a railway track, which we imagine is set and solid and laid out with a fixed beginning and end. We see it like this because of our own experiences of birth, childhood, teenage years, adulthood, old age and, eventually, death.Because of this, we find the concept of life in another dimension, totally outside 'time' to be a very difficult thing to 'get our minds around'.However, that is, in fact, the truth of what 'they' see and experience.REMEMBER, my friend, that WE, too, when we are NOT here, riding inside these biological bodies, are also Spirit ... the same beings of energy, living in that other dimension, with knowledge of all the things we have experienced while here, 'in the linear'. We gather understanding of lives spent EXPERIENCING ... perhaps suffering, or loving and being loved, maybe hurting and being hurt, of creating things ... a cake, a bridge, a building etc. Memories of suffering and of triumphing ... I could go on forever, LOL. Life 'over there', 'at Home', is lived in love ... God's LOVE is a powerful thing ... and the emotions felt over there are all of the higher order ... love, tolerance, understanding, patience etc etc etc. While here, dear friend, we have impatience, anger, jealousy, greed, etc etc etc. In order to truly understand the love over there, we need to experience the other side of the coin here ... the more times we come here, the more powerful is the soul-link and the more 'saintly' is the human being, so the older, more experienced souls become your Mother Theresa's etc. We light-workers are well on our way, dear ... we have come here to 'shine the light' to help others, to spread love; to suffer, yes, because that tempers and develops the soul ... but we are here to teach. Even ONE person helped during a life here is enough for US to develop and move forward with.

As to actual reincarnation ... here are a few things I consider proof of some of my previous lives: 
As a small child, I KNEW that a sailing ship creaks and groans as it moves across the sea ... I also knew that your hands can stick to the frozen, ice-caked rigging as you climb upward to alter the setting of the sails. 
I have clear memory of life as a Japanese lady ... I can recall looking into a piece of polished metal and checking the finish of my face make up and my hair. I can see the silk and embroidery of my gown as I examine the sleeve for blemishes. (She wasn't a very nice lady, that one ... she was so convinced of her superiority ... talk about nose-in-the-air? I'm a bit ashamed of her, to be honest) 
I can remember one life where I looked down at my body ... I was standing on dry, dusty ground, and could see my feet ... bare, brown and very dusty. My chest had cicatrices, also dusty. I was naked and carried a fire stick which was smoldering. I had come here as an Australian Aborigine, long ago, well before the Caucasians, in order to learn about happiness from a human standpoint.
I have quite a few other memories, too ... but why do I have them? I don't know, we don't usually have access to these things ... perhaps I wrote them into this particular life-plan in order to tell YOU about them one day. We come and go, come and go ... but now, I am beginning to think that we do not have to come here in strict time-order ... perhaps, next time, I will come back as a Roman foot soldier or even a cave man. Thank you, my friend, for your question ... I think I will use this answer as the basis for my next post in my new blogs.

My friend's reply, next day ...

I remember when I was around 8 or 9 designing (drawing) my "wedding dress" and asking dad to keep it in a "safe place" ..... of course he threw it out!!! I have only just realised that this dress was a Tudor dress - how on earth would an 8 year old know anything about the Tudor era? We studied spelling and maths at that age ...... history? I do remember doing things about Captian Cook and Australian States and Territories ....... So your answer just goes to show that I'm not going mad!!!!
Thank you my friend and I look forward to hearing from you soon xxx

P.S. I have had 6 hours to think about what you said about past lives.I tried to commit suicide last September ............. and of course failed. A young friend (its complicated) said it wasnt my time ....

P.P.S. Well, I have often thought that all the suffering I have gone through was from a past life ....... and since mulling over what you wrote ....

This young friend often rings me in her times of crises. She suffers terribly and it breaks my heart. She is only 24 and lives in another state, so I cant help her physically. But I am there on the other end of the phone when she wants me and I do have A LOT of life experince.

Now I am thinking maybe this is what I am here for.

Thank you so much Pat!  

I always feel like a useless fat lump xoxoxox

My reply:

I'll start with your last comment : from one useless fat lump (21 stone) to another: ...You, my friend. are NOT A useless, fat lump !!!!!!!!! 
(No more than I am ... understood?)

Remember how we first met? I was trying to set up the 'Hold my hand' concept? You volunteered to join the admin?
Alas, you were far too tied up in your own lack of self-worth at that time? NOW, with that young woman, dear, you are actually doing what I wanted you to do?HOLDING A HAND ... telling someone "I understand" and "You are not alone in your pain, because I, too have been there, done that"YOU are being a Light-Worker ... doing "God"s work ... sharing your soul with someone who needs help.

You didn't just suffer in one past life, sister ... you suffered in most of them ... as did we all, dear ... as did we all.

We plan these lives carefully long ahead of time, long before we actually enter that newly manufactured little foetus .... we put whatever experiences it will take, Tracy, into those plans ...because we fully intend to LEARN, this time, from our mistakes.

There is NO such thing as an accident on this planet, dear ... think on this for as long as I have and you will begin to realise what it all means.

The man who needs to learn about loyalty to a partner will plan to meet, meet, meet and meet many partners until, in the end, he FINALLY learns the true lesson he has come here to learn ... and if he fails ??? THEN, dear, that spirit will examine the concluded liife and will plan the next one, doing it all AGAIN until the lesson IS learned.Until enough pain gets through that thick skull and s/he begins to understand.

To be flippant about it, I call it "All the fun of the fairground rides"

SO, as I said, dear friend ... you are NOT paying for the sins of a past life ... you are struggling to CHANGE you attitudes to whatever it is that keeps re-presenting itself to you in all sorts of different guises ... but has the strongest common thread of similarity running through it 

The quickest way to learn these lessons is to 'tune-in' to your gut reaction ... STOP mulling things over and being undecisive ... Stop worrying about a decision ... "did I do right ... or wrong ... ..... ... ... what if?" etc etc etc ... No, my friend, go to bed at night with that problem in your mind ... decide that you will LISTEN to your Higher Self (your soul) and know that TOMORROW morning, as you wake up, you will do what your gut reaction is telling you to do ... go with your deep, inner, emotions and DON'T question them ... at the end of the problem, as you look back on it, you will realise that you did RIGHT. 

Allowing your soul to help you is THE path to contentment and peace of mind, dear.

Let the latter part of this life be a good one ... with peace in your heart you will then discover wisdom and happiness, while you are HERE, so that, next time, you arrive here wiser, calmer and more in touch with your Higher Self.

NEXT life, you will tackle a whole new lesson, LOL


One of my poems ... to illustrate the above conversation, but actually telling about several regression sessions::


I see myself in lemon-yellow silk…a golden kimono, oh-so-bright
I examine the  pattern of blue, red and green flowers…gravely, I say “It’s right!”
I have been asked whether I am pretty…but that question holds no relevance…
All I care about is perfection…and its all-time-consuming pursuance…
I look into my polished metal mirror…see skin all plastered white upon…
Check for finish and perfection…my prettiness is a conclusion, foregone!
I have come here to learn humility…(how can this one feel humility?
She’s full of self-pride…her man’s Eagle Mask a sign of high service to Royalty)
I am a most important lady…my husband’s position, as proof, I cite…
(That I could have been that so-vain person!)...with a big shudder, I move on…right:
I’m asked “What are you wearing?”…My befuddled mind struggles with the fact that I do
Understand in quite another time…what wearing clothes means to me and to you…
I look down at my strong, straight, brown body…all I see there is skin, can’t you see…
Cicatrices and earthen paint-jobs plus a pubic tassle are clothes to me…
I live here in the ‘Never-Never’ (I have come to experience happiness)
A nomadic life spent carrying my waddie…brings to me no…NO…distress…
I farm my world with carried fire-stick…and send up my smokes, communicative…
My totem is Emu…so I will not eat the Spirits of my late relatives…
I am asked “Are you male or are you female?” I do not know quite how to say…
I was an aborted foetus…I couldn’t talk…so I just listen today…
The voice asks of me “What do you do?”  I feel great pleasure and I soon smile…
“I am a pedagogue, Madam…I infuse such knowledge into these blockheads
As they are able to absorb…but, alas, I hold out no great shining hope
That they will ever profit from my teachings, save by the Hangman’s ready rope…
My patron pays me for to teach his two sons to read and write and to reckon…
But, mayhap these small ragged urchins of mine will prove my bigger intention…”
I feel the weight of wet wool and fur as I say I am dressed in skins and cloth…
I shudder with the cold of memory as AGAIN that voice howls…“Bugger off!”
I smell the clods of shit as they hit me…drive me from the village, bare and stark…
I can’t help my birthing-problems…my cheek-wide purple puckered birthing-mark…
I can’t pay attention to that damned voice as I struggle to ‘mush’ this dog team
Over the cold, snowy trail round the mountains…it all feels like a bad dream…
I came across this man on the trail…obviously so very badly hurt
He begged me to drive his team…find the ‘sawbones’ (at ‘mushing’ I am no expert)
And this strange woman keeps bothering me…asking me daft questions and such
Can’t she see that I’m busy? I came out here to avoid a sharp woman’s clutch!
“What is your name?”  She asks me…“What do you do…and what’s your position my dear?”
“My name, it is Hilda…I am from Saxony…a Lady of import, here…
And while I am talking, you’ll not interrupt…we’ll have some respect…do you hear?
What’s that you say…are you blind?...can you not see what it is that I wear?
As befits a Lady of my high standing, I wear silks and fine woollen hose…
I would thank you to ask no more time-wasting things…I’ve no time to think ’bout clothes!
Now, have you come to be interviewed for position of House-Mother to Orphans?
Well, why are you wasting my most valuable time, then…hurry up and begone!”
Of lives I have had but seventy-eight (I am quite a young Spirit, you see…
A daughter of mine’s on her three-hundred-and eighth…a FAR older Spirit than me!)
And I have regressed to only a few…It was quite interesting at first,
But to think of that Japanese lady…‘phew’! I feel so ashamed, I could burst!
I was in that life for quite a few minutes and all that she cared about
Was Importance and Position and Prestige…Perfection of Artistic Pout…

Oh, yes, she DID learn Humility…when old-age and illness took a strong hold
She was banished to the corner of her daughter’s kitchen and not allowed to scold.

(They say pride comes before a fall…That must have been my deepest fall of all!)

Friday, 10 August 2012


The hours go by, the days pass on, stretch into months, then years ...
The loss of Jim, my precious love, led me to lonely tears;
He'd understood my thoughts, you see, no need for words or fuss ...
We'd stood together 'gainst all harm ... nothing could sunder us.
The love we'd shared was special, no one would e'er replace,
At forty-four I faced life, tears coursing down my face.

Three years on I met a man who'd newly lost his wife
He couldn't function properly, no Edna in his life.
We liked each other well enough to walk on the same path
So, slowly, very carefully, we learned, once more, to laugh.
Fourteen years together as we travelled in our boat
A fun life on England's canals, a simple life afloat.

Then Kenneth died as well, you see ... he left me all alone
But this time, things were diff'rent for I'd found a 'spectral' phone.
I now walk into my future with my heart no longer sad
Inside my ear all those who've gone, including mum and dad.
They told me a new soulmate would come into my life
(I really didn't want to become, once more, a wife)

I soldiered on, found things to do, my life a busy scene

Glad to be of use to folk, no more a sad has-been.
Sometimes I'd think of soulmates, not relishing the thought:
My love for Jim I cherished ... for others, I'd have naught.
I didn't want to love again, not love the way I had ...
My heart was full of memories, thoughts of new love made me sad.

Well, NOW I've found that soulmate and the love we share is TRUE
Unequivocal acceptance exists between us two ...
No romance lies between us ... no kisses in the park
No rings and thoughts of marriage, nor wedding bells to hark.
She's my 'mother', I'm her 'daughter', I'm her 'uncle', she's my 'son'
Almost from the day we met, I've known she is 'The One'

We've been together many times and yet we've never met ...
So many lives we've shared before ... with more to come, I'll bet ...
We're chips of the one part, you see, for, just like Jim, she's "ME"
Our Earthly distance matters not: I'm in her heart, you see.
She's over there in Canada ... an ocean separates
But nothing can destroy this love, for we are true soulmates.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Caught in a whirlwind

Stop + Listen = Sorted.

Just STOP …
That’s right … stop.

Step back, away from these troubles which others are causing …

and you, my friend, are helping to strengthen …

Realise that troubles are rather like a hurricane … they start to twist and they pick up all the dust and debris around before strengthening and picking up larger, then larger objects … … …

“Dad’s getting confused … will Mom be able to cope?

I’ve lost $45 from my purse … was it Junior who stole it … or one of his little friends who were here earlier? Which one … which one?

The dog’s limping … OMG … vet fees!

I’ve never had problems with Junior … it must be one of his friends …

Dad had to be rescued from the mall this morning … how will Mom stop him going out? He can be dominant …
OMG … I suspected Junior of stealing! How could I be so unloving?”
… … … 
This is the whirlwind … … … and YOU are firmly caught up in it, whizzing round and round.
So, as I said … STOP … RIGHT NOW !

Here are your options :

a) Take a bath
b) Go for a short walk
c) Sit outside on the deck in the shade
d) Lie down and close your eyes
e) Put some calm music on

Breathe calmly and deeply
CONCENTRATE your attention on your midriff
‘Enter’ there, in your mind
‘See’ the soothing golden colours of your gut chakra as it gently pulses soothing energies for you.
Now, ask your Higher Self to help you find calm and peace within your heart and mind
Realise that you will be far more able and much better equipped to deal with all this when you have your soul-connection fully operative.
Understand that all is NOT lost because you have now STOPPED panicking. The whirlwind has collapsed - gone.

Stay in this calm place for a few minutes, 
then …
When you return to the problems, you should find solutions to all these problems appearing, in your calm mind, one by one. 

The dog’s paw has a piece of gravel wedged between the pads.

Remember your hubby wanted a few dollars this morning and you told him to take them from your purse?

Take Dad to the Doctor and have his urine tested … an infection, easily treated, can cause a lot of confusion.

You see? 

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Those of us who have faith and trust ...

''We'' are many on this globe at this time ...  and we are now fortunate to have access to the most wonderful tool with which to find each other. Perhaps that is why we are now here in such large numbers ... or, maybe, there have always been many of us, just that now we can recognise each other through these wonderful tools. We can say 'Hello, friend, welcome to my heart ... let us talk for a while' No longer do we walk alone ... keeping our truth hidden within our hearts because of the risk of ridicule. Now, we can find understanding and acceptance, companionship and truth ... we can talk to others and be open about our experiences and beliefs.

The process of becoming aware of that other 'place', of recognising our spirituality is a highly individual experience. I have come to the conclusion that no two people come to the realisation of 'otherness' along the same path. The only thing I have found, though, which is similar in so very many of us, is that we all seem to 'walk alone'. I can only speak of myself here, but, from small childhood, I have been aware that I was different, somehow, and that no one else around me would have understood if I had spoken of what I saw, heard and felt. 

Nevertheless, as I grew up, I buried the memories and experiences of childhood ... buried them deep in the shady places of my mind where flowers wither if they are kept hidden from the daylight. However, the sense of being different stayed with me and my gut-reaction continued to be loud and strong. Over the years I wandered from church to church, seeking somewhere I could feel comfortable ... and there is quite a lot of choice in the UK. I knew I had some sort of need for religion but could not identify the hunger ... just the recognition that I was hungry.

Eventually, I ended up in a situation where I was alone for a year: my third husband's mother was dementing and needed round-the-clock care. His brother and family could not find it within themselves to help care for her so Ken and I took on the task alone. Deciding that our own home was not suitable for her, and knowing that the course of her deterioration could by speeded up if we moved her, we set up a system whereby Ken would move in to her house for three nights and then, mid-morning on the fourth day, I would swap places with him for the next three nights. We managed to maintain this pattern for a year, by which time we were both exhausted and she had gone beyond our capabilities. 

However, this particular time was a period of great change for me; a time where I re-found my childhood memories and also the spiritual food to satisfy my hunger. The change started with my suffering from a very painful colon condition. I was too busy with my mother in law to attend Doctors and hospital examinations just then, so I tried to live with the pain. One of my daughters had also been seeking - wandering, as I had, from church to church. I made a point of visiting her during my off-duty periods and one particular occasion stands out clearly for me, as the day that an internal door opened a crack and shone a narrow beam of light into the dark recesses of my inner being. We had been talking about the three months she had now spent visiting a Spiritualist church and how much happier she felt there. I was in a lot of pain and, noticing my discomfort, she said "Mum, I think I can help you with that pain, you know"

Going on to explain about channeled energies and Faith, she asked me to lie down on the couch while she said a prayer and then began a series of weekly sessions which not only brought me great easement but also totally changed my life.

You see, by this time I had decided that no such being as God could possibly exist. Yes, I was prepared to accept Jesus' existence, because he was mentioned in many writings of the time, not just religious works. ... However, God was only mentioned in religious works, and at the end of the day, I reasoned, all religious books were collections of stories told by man in order to provide plausible answers to unanswerable questions. Now, I was being asked to have faith? No, I couldn't do it ... but I rationalised that I could have faith in Carole's love for me ... also, I could trust her desire to help me, so I settled down, once each week from then on for about three months ... while she gradually healed me. I know now, of course, that Carole did not heal me ... she was merely offering herself as a channel to transfer 'other' energies to me which actually did the job very nicely indeed. (About a year afterwards, I again saw a specialist at the local hospital ... she thought there had been a mix-up in the medical records department because the two abdominal search images she was given were so vastly different: the first showed a length of my colon, looking rather like a piece of lace and the new one showing a perfectly healthy gut. She looked at me sideways, with a most sceptical expression, as I told her I had received 'healing')

Meanwhile, I learned about automatic writing and then started accompanying Carole to the Spiritualist church, where I began to find answers to my questions. In my days alone with Sarah and then alone with the dog at home, I began to take heed of the strange thoughts which were passing through my conscious mind ... went often to the local library to look up the meanings of many of those words ... eventually realising that I was receiving messages from elsewhere. I wrote prolifically during this time ... some of it coming automatically, more from thoughts within my mind ... and more from 'set' topics eg: the second poem in the Colloquial Verse section was actually an exercise set by Spirit. I was told to write about a young man in the WWI trenches, to describe his life there and the conditions he lived in. Next I should have him die, go 'Home' and then I should paint a picture of him as a working spirit. 

That year with Sarah helped me find a whole new life. I also found my much-loved ones, who had all made their transitions over the years. Consequently, I refer to those energies as Spirit. I am no longer a church-goer, because my faith lies within me. I do not need messages from Aunt Mabel to bring me peace and reassurance. I have learned that God does, in fact, exist ... I choose to visualise Him is the energy which permeates all matter throughout all the universes and dimensions. 

Now, back to where I began: Last night I was chatting on the phone with a lady who lives 'down south' in England ... we share a love of the work we do and we have met on line. She talks of the Angels and is guided by these beings. I talk of Spirit and am guided by them ... someone else would talk of the Universal Energies while yet another talks of Gaia. The labels we choose to use are all different, yet they all come out of the same mixing bowl, into the oven and out, after baking, as the same beautiful cake ... we ALL are in touch with our inner core of energy. That energy which does not wink out of existence when we discard this physical body at the end of life. 

Go with your gut reaction, my friends ... it is far wiser than you realise. Far stronger and purer ... and the energy deep in your core is more magical in reality than many of us have ever been allowed to accept and access. Please give yourself permission to follow the guidance of your FIRST, instinctive, reaction to a situation because, believe me, there is a lot of wisdom to be accessed within your own inner being. Realise and accept that you are not, in fact, alone ... and you will never walk alone again. 

With respect, Pat. 

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