Friday, 20 July 2012

Caught in a whirlwind

Stop + Listen = Sorted.

Just STOP …
That’s right … stop.

Step back, away from these troubles which others are causing …

and you, my friend, are helping to strengthen …

Realise that troubles are rather like a hurricane … they start to twist and they pick up all the dust and debris around before strengthening and picking up larger, then larger objects … … …

“Dad’s getting confused … will Mom be able to cope?

I’ve lost $45 from my purse … was it Junior who stole it … or one of his little friends who were here earlier? Which one … which one?

The dog’s limping … OMG … vet fees!

I’ve never had problems with Junior … it must be one of his friends …

Dad had to be rescued from the mall this morning … how will Mom stop him going out? He can be dominant …
OMG … I suspected Junior of stealing! How could I be so unloving?”
… … … 
This is the whirlwind … … … and YOU are firmly caught up in it, whizzing round and round.
So, as I said … STOP … RIGHT NOW !

Here are your options :

a) Take a bath
b) Go for a short walk
c) Sit outside on the deck in the shade
d) Lie down and close your eyes
e) Put some calm music on

Breathe calmly and deeply
CONCENTRATE your attention on your midriff
‘Enter’ there, in your mind
‘See’ the soothing golden colours of your gut chakra as it gently pulses soothing energies for you.
Now, ask your Higher Self to help you find calm and peace within your heart and mind
Realise that you will be far more able and much better equipped to deal with all this when you have your soul-connection fully operative.
Understand that all is NOT lost because you have now STOPPED panicking. The whirlwind has collapsed - gone.

Stay in this calm place for a few minutes, 
then …
When you return to the problems, you should find solutions to all these problems appearing, in your calm mind, one by one. 

The dog’s paw has a piece of gravel wedged between the pads.

Remember your hubby wanted a few dollars this morning and you told him to take them from your purse?

Take Dad to the Doctor and have his urine tested … an infection, easily treated, can cause a lot of confusion.

You see? 

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Those of us who have faith and trust ...

''We'' are many on this globe at this time ...  and we are now fortunate to have access to the most wonderful tool with which to find each other. Perhaps that is why we are now here in such large numbers ... or, maybe, there have always been many of us, just that now we can recognise each other through these wonderful tools. We can say 'Hello, friend, welcome to my heart ... let us talk for a while' No longer do we walk alone ... keeping our truth hidden within our hearts because of the risk of ridicule. Now, we can find understanding and acceptance, companionship and truth ... we can talk to others and be open about our experiences and beliefs.

The process of becoming aware of that other 'place', of recognising our spirituality is a highly individual experience. I have come to the conclusion that no two people come to the realisation of 'otherness' along the same path. The only thing I have found, though, which is similar in so very many of us, is that we all seem to 'walk alone'. I can only speak of myself here, but, from small childhood, I have been aware that I was different, somehow, and that no one else around me would have understood if I had spoken of what I saw, heard and felt. 

Nevertheless, as I grew up, I buried the memories and experiences of childhood ... buried them deep in the shady places of my mind where flowers wither if they are kept hidden from the daylight. However, the sense of being different stayed with me and my gut-reaction continued to be loud and strong. Over the years I wandered from church to church, seeking somewhere I could feel comfortable ... and there is quite a lot of choice in the UK. I knew I had some sort of need for religion but could not identify the hunger ... just the recognition that I was hungry.

Eventually, I ended up in a situation where I was alone for a year: my third husband's mother was dementing and needed round-the-clock care. His brother and family could not find it within themselves to help care for her so Ken and I took on the task alone. Deciding that our own home was not suitable for her, and knowing that the course of her deterioration could by speeded up if we moved her, we set up a system whereby Ken would move in to her house for three nights and then, mid-morning on the fourth day, I would swap places with him for the next three nights. We managed to maintain this pattern for a year, by which time we were both exhausted and she had gone beyond our capabilities. 

However, this particular time was a period of great change for me; a time where I re-found my childhood memories and also the spiritual food to satisfy my hunger. The change started with my suffering from a very painful colon condition. I was too busy with my mother in law to attend Doctors and hospital examinations just then, so I tried to live with the pain. One of my daughters had also been seeking - wandering, as I had, from church to church. I made a point of visiting her during my off-duty periods and one particular occasion stands out clearly for me, as the day that an internal door opened a crack and shone a narrow beam of light into the dark recesses of my inner being. We had been talking about the three months she had now spent visiting a Spiritualist church and how much happier she felt there. I was in a lot of pain and, noticing my discomfort, she said "Mum, I think I can help you with that pain, you know"

Going on to explain about channeled energies and Faith, she asked me to lie down on the couch while she said a prayer and then began a series of weekly sessions which not only brought me great easement but also totally changed my life.

You see, by this time I had decided that no such being as God could possibly exist. Yes, I was prepared to accept Jesus' existence, because he was mentioned in many writings of the time, not just religious works. ... However, God was only mentioned in religious works, and at the end of the day, I reasoned, all religious books were collections of stories told by man in order to provide plausible answers to unanswerable questions. Now, I was being asked to have faith? No, I couldn't do it ... but I rationalised that I could have faith in Carole's love for me ... also, I could trust her desire to help me, so I settled down, once each week from then on for about three months ... while she gradually healed me. I know now, of course, that Carole did not heal me ... she was merely offering herself as a channel to transfer 'other' energies to me which actually did the job very nicely indeed. (About a year afterwards, I again saw a specialist at the local hospital ... she thought there had been a mix-up in the medical records department because the two abdominal search images she was given were so vastly different: the first showed a length of my colon, looking rather like a piece of lace and the new one showing a perfectly healthy gut. She looked at me sideways, with a most sceptical expression, as I told her I had received 'healing')

Meanwhile, I learned about automatic writing and then started accompanying Carole to the Spiritualist church, where I began to find answers to my questions. In my days alone with Sarah and then alone with the dog at home, I began to take heed of the strange thoughts which were passing through my conscious mind ... went often to the local library to look up the meanings of many of those words ... eventually realising that I was receiving messages from elsewhere. I wrote prolifically during this time ... some of it coming automatically, more from thoughts within my mind ... and more from 'set' topics eg: the second poem in the Colloquial Verse section was actually an exercise set by Spirit. I was told to write about a young man in the WWI trenches, to describe his life there and the conditions he lived in. Next I should have him die, go 'Home' and then I should paint a picture of him as a working spirit. 

That year with Sarah helped me find a whole new life. I also found my much-loved ones, who had all made their transitions over the years. Consequently, I refer to those energies as Spirit. I am no longer a church-goer, because my faith lies within me. I do not need messages from Aunt Mabel to bring me peace and reassurance. I have learned that God does, in fact, exist ... I choose to visualise Him is the energy which permeates all matter throughout all the universes and dimensions. 

Now, back to where I began: Last night I was chatting on the phone with a lady who lives 'down south' in England ... we share a love of the work we do and we have met on line. She talks of the Angels and is guided by these beings. I talk of Spirit and am guided by them ... someone else would talk of the Universal Energies while yet another talks of Gaia. The labels we choose to use are all different, yet they all come out of the same mixing bowl, into the oven and out, after baking, as the same beautiful cake ... we ALL are in touch with our inner core of energy. That energy which does not wink out of existence when we discard this physical body at the end of life. 

Go with your gut reaction, my friends ... it is far wiser than you realise. Far stronger and purer ... and the energy deep in your core is more magical in reality than many of us have ever been allowed to accept and access. Please give yourself permission to follow the guidance of your FIRST, instinctive, reaction to a situation because, believe me, there is a lot of wisdom to be accessed within your own inner being. Realise and accept that you are not, in fact, alone ... and you will never walk alone again. 

With respect, Pat. 

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