Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

My experiences of Soulmates and Twin-flames

In sev'nty sev'n I met a man at the local library
A single dad with two nice kids, our love was instant, see?
We'd known each other all our lives ... yet we had never met
And the nineteen years' wide age gap was irrelevant - no fret.

'Way back in ninety four, I lost my Jim, so dear
I loved him and I missed him ... shedding many a tear
We'd always read each other's minds, capped each other's tales
Provided such strong shelter through life's eternal gales.

Six years down the line, I had a few sharp shocks :
Spirit came into my life ... such amazing mental knocks
My life had changed again, you see ... with new man in my life
Ken and I, both widowed, both great loves in afterlife.

Ken's mother had dementia ... we kept her in her home
Three days each (shift-system), meant we spent that year alone
In one house an old lady, stone-deaf from childhood, small
While, home alone, with dog to guard, life was lonesome for us all.

I prayed to God for guidance "Please show me what to do
I'm sitting here, so lonely ... I need some help from you"
SUDDENLY, from the next room, I heard my mother's call
(But she'd been dead two years - had I just 'dropped the ball'?)

She called out, loud, (I kid you not) "Can anybody come
and keep our Patty company? ... she's feeling rather glum"
Suddenly, from nowhere, I heard a reassuring voice
"I'll come and keep her occupied ... it's my home and my choice"

And thus I met my teacher ... his Earthly name was Tom
Ken's father, an ex-miner, dead eighteen years, long-gone;
He led me down mysterious paths of world religions, wide
Tom turned that year into a truly fascinating ride.

I nevermore felt lonely, nor bored with naught to do
Inside my mind a whole wide world of interest ... it's true.
With fun and laughter, often, Tom taught me oh-so-much
And on my cheek I learned to feel Jim's feather-light touch.

I still loved Jim, my twin-flame heart ... but feared to hear his voice
Because, you see, I'd married Ken ... and so I made the choice
To never hear his much-loved tones (sure I'd be torn in two)
My duty lay these days with Ken, Jim's voice for me? Taboo.

And so he spoke inside my mind, in my own mental tone
While others talked into my ear through that long year 'alone'.
I learned about soul-clusters and how to recognise
So very many soulmates, both ignorant and wise.

Jim said that Ken's a soulmate ... we'd met for him to learn
So very many lessons ... I'd come to take my turn
At leading him and guiding and teaching him to share ...
To lose his prejudices and love all folk out there.

Last year, Ken packed his little bag and went off Home, to mum ...
Once more, I sit here, widowed, but no more am I glum
For I can hear them all, you see ... I no more walk alone
They chatter in my ear, on their spectral telephone.

They told me that a twin flame I'd meet again, quite soon
This news brought me to sorrow and filled me with much gloom
I didn't want another, thanks ... I'd walk alone from here
I heard Jim's gusty laughter ... "You've not much choice, my dear"

Then one day, on a facebook page, I read a cry for help
I answered her with letters ... befriended for to help
And when I saw her photograph, my heart it took a leap
For I recognised a soulmate whose love I'd ever keep.

So very soon I recognised that she's no mere soulmate
We'd met for me to help her ... the love we share is great
And, no, it's not romantic ... but deeper and so true
For she is me and I am her ... we're twin-flames, I tell you.

So many lives together ... with many more, I'm sure
She's part of Jim and part of me ... our love is strong and pure
An ocean lies between us ... so we might never meet
But the soul-pull is extremely strong, our friendship very sweet.

I walk into my future with Nicole by my side
Although the cold Atlantic ocean is so very wide
But as I look into her picture and see her smile at me
I realise she makes me so deeply, truly happy.

The deep-soul recognition is something strange to feel ...
One's emotions in confusion can be so very real
But now I know the why of it, I share it here with you,
My many faceless readers, in case someone needs an answer, true.


Jim was a poorly man when we met, with heart trouble ... nevertheless, we had 17 wonderful years with our three children, adding a fourth in our fourth year together. he always knew he would not live long, but was contented with his life and took joy from our love. When doing some 'housekeeping' in our elderly computer, I found this, Jim had written it for me when he knew that his time was extremely short ... I think it would bear sharing here, with you ...


Love is to know beyond all reason…
Love is to live with no thought of treason…
Love is to care for when all things seem lost:
Love is to fight for regardless of cost.

Love is to stand by when the outlook is bleak…
Love is to give strength to the one who is weak…
Love is to feel the other’s sorrows…
Love is to hope for the other’s tomorrows.

Love is to share the other’s hopes and fears…
Love is to be with through all the years…
Love is to miss through the shortest absence…
Love is to return to, regardless of distance.

Love is to hope past the ultimate breath…
Love is to stay though the end is … death;
Love is to soothe the tiniest cry…
Who is my love ? ... she knows … and so do I.

W.J. Carthew (Jim)